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Homeschool Services

Homeschool classes and books for teaching.

        Homeschool Services with Education Unlimited

      After five years of serving the homeschooling community we will no longer be offering classes or evaluations. Books, materials and curriculum can be purchased in the cafe press shop or at the PAY ONLINE link above.    

                 Education Unlimited


                    Buy our Unique Homeschool Books

                  Explore the Classics through our Curriculum

      We offer a creative writing and literature curriculum to encourage a deeper appreciation of poetry and literature.  Teach at your own pace with our guided curriculum, workbook, and activity sheets. (Grades 3-9)

    Learning poetry develops confidence with reading fluency, writing and vocabulary.  Through this program students learn how to developing their own imagery in writing using words as their tools. 

    This curriculum based on the successful program in the Return to the Classics series provides students with an understanding of classical literature, and practice with the creative writing process.  

              Social Studies Curriculum: A Journey Through Time

     Books One, Two, Three and Four are available (see pay online for details) 

     Curriculum includes detailed information for teachers and students, worksheets, graphics, assignments, maps, photos, and student pages with answers.  (Grades 6-9)

     Learn about government, daily life, famous people, mythology, science, art and architecture.

              Book One: Ancient Greece and Rome

              Book Two: Vikings and the Middle Ages

              Book Three: Explorers and The Renaissance.

              Book Four: The Industrial Revolution and Modern Age.

     The focus of this curriculum is to develop an understanding of history through research, discussion and writing.

  Curriculum samples are available under "Curriculum" heading.   Please allow 7- 10 days for delivery of curriculum though the mail.   Order books by clicking "PAY ONLINE."



                              Educator's Philosophy


    "In my classes I have encouraged a community of young learners by providing guidance, support and direction.   I have inspired my students to see themselves as active participants in this wonderful learning experience.  I would like them to look back and remember my classes as a time of discovery and awakening to knowledge.   With encouragement and guidance my students have enjoyed writing, literature, art, science and history. It has been my pleasure teaching them."

Denise Thompson is a FL certified educator, writer, art teacher, RN and homeschooling parent.   She developed her classical education programs to share her enjoyment of learning with the community.   


This program has concluded. Our teens (ages 13-17) Homeschool Co-op 2013 was a wonderful success... 

Co-op included: science experiments, LA, Spanish, Math, Art, PE/sports taught by homeschool parent instructors.

4455 Sol Press Blvd.

Coconut Creek, FL  33073

More information on our co-op website:

Thank you to all parents and instructors...

 Our yearbook is available at:

Contact Denise Thompson at  

                         About Education Unlimited

Our classes were unique because we offered an educator designed, enriched curriculum and creative teaching methods, with proven results.  Our homeschooling parents have supported our philosophy of learning and our interactive methods.  Check out our testimonials.  

These classes have now concluded:  Language Arts Test Prep Class for High School Level. 

 In this course students will build essential reading and vocabulary skills for Language Arts success.

The critical reading sections of a test assess a student’s ability to understand a passage and answer questions.

Students need to be able to quickly identify the main idea and decode the author’s message.  In addition, students need an extensive  vocabulary, which is developed through exposure and repetition. 

Required Text:  Core Vocabulary of the SAT by Direct Hits publishing 5th ed.  Bring to first class.

Also: McGraw Hill's Top 50 Skills: SAT Critical Reading and Writing. 


Concluded: Writing Class for ages 11-14.

These are crucial years for building confidence with writing skills...  In this class students will review and explore writing as a communication skill.   Grammar, vocabulary and creative exercises will be used to assist students master the essentials of writing. 

Required text: Scholastic Guide to Grammar by Marvin Terban

Class began Thursday January 10th at 1:30pm-3pm

Denise Thompson
Writer and FL Certified Educator
954 757 5186

"When you love teaching it shows..."

Classes were held in Broward County at the Coconut Creek Recreation Center North.

4455 Sol Press Blvd

Lyons and Johnson Rd.

                               What we have offered

· Core Concept Classes

· Curriculum

· Enrichment

· Focused learning

· Interactive

· Creative

· Active

· Supportive

· Encouraging  

                               What Classes Can Do

· Improve learning

· Allow time to ask questions

· Review information

· Provide enrichment

· Encourage focus

· Increase confidence

· Give help with organizational skills

· Encourage better study habits.

                    Educational Services Grades K-12

Enrichment Services and Core Concept Classes

Homeschool evaluations

                                      Contact us

North Broward County: Florida 

Denise Thompson: Degree in Education. RN.

Educator, Writer and Art Teacher.

Florida Certified in multiple subjects: grades K-12.

Education Unlimited SFL


Classes require behavior that reflects tolerance, good character and consideration of others at all times. 

"Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it."

Proverbs 22:6

 As a professional Educator, I am mindful and considerate of the various needs of ALL my students.   No student will be discriminated against because of race, color, creed, national origin, age, or handicap.  

For a good cause...

A portion of any profit made (after costs and taxes) is donated to charity.